Over 7,000 extra people in Westmeath since last census

The population of Westmeath has surpassed 90,000 for the first time since the foundation of the State.

Preliminary results from the 2022 census issued by the Central Statistics Office (CSO ) reveal the population of the county is now 95,840, an increase of over 7,000 people noted since the 2016 census.

The CSO stated that all counties revealed an increase in population since 2016, Longford witnessing the biggest percentage increase (14.1% ), followed by Meath (12.9% ).

The population in Westmeath includes 48,318 females and 47,522 males, the CSO stating that the increase of 7,070 people in Westmeath comprised of a natural increase (births minus deaths ) of 3,721 and an estimated inward migration of 3,349 persons.

Westmeath’s population has been on the rise for the previous six censuses, the 95,840 population figure for 2022 being 80% higher than the lowest population recorded in the county since the foundation of the State (52,861 in 1961 ).

The total housing stock in Westmeath in April of this year was 38,411, an increase of 1,521 (4.1% ) since 2016. There were 3,193 vacant dwellings, 535 fewer than in 2016, (14.4% ).


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