County Council Cathaoirleach implores immediate need for reduction in fuel costs

The impact of escalating fuel costs on numerous sectors of society was a pertinent issue for discussion at the most recent sitting of Westmeath County Council on Monday afternoon.

Raising the motion, Cathaoirleach, Cllr Frankie Keena, noted that increasing fuel costs were having a detrimental impact on local industry, the farming community and communities in general.

“There is an urgent need to further reduce the cost of fuel which is escalating at a rapid pace. These increased fuel costs are having a major knock on effect on the cost of living whereby the costs of products on the shop shelves have increased significantly. Increased inflation costs must be immediately addressed.

“In addition, the farming community is being negatively impacted with high costs of green diesel and fertiliser. I am aware of some farmers who informed me that they will have to scale back production if these rising costs are not corrected. This in turn will create further problems,” Cllr Keena asserted.

The Cathaoirleach acknowledged with appreciation the recent Government decision to reduce the excise on fuels after the cost of a litre of diesel exceeded two euro, but did highlight that the reduction was not immediately evident on all pumps.

“There is a need for further reductions on fuel costs and if it is a matter that consent is required from the EU then we should immediately seek such agreement and not spend months talking about it.

“While the horrific war in Ukraine is putting further increases on fuel costs, I am now calling on the Government to urgently look at further ways of decreasing the cost of fuels.

“We need to take urgent action to assist the public who are being severely hit with increased costs of food, fuels, electricity, gas and day to day living expenses. All strands of our society including hard working families and those most vulnerable are suffering,” Cllr Keena remarked.

The Cathaoirleach received full support from his fellow councillors and executive and a letter will now issue to the relevant Government departments seeking a further reduction in the cost of fuels and inflation.


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