Local Slimming World groups return to normal as public health guidelines finally eased

Pictured are local Slimming World group hosts, Pauline, Carol and Sinead

Pictured are local Slimming World group hosts, Pauline, Carol and Sinead

With the recent lifting of government restrictions, local Slimming World groups have returned and are operational as normal.

Members are still invited to wear a mask if they wish, but all the old elements that make a Slimming World group so unique and wonderful are back. Members don’t have to pre-book a place anymore and can just come along to any group they choose. The group setting is back with complimentary tea and coffee is provided.

“It’s been absolutely amazing to come back together properly again, it’s proven that there really is no better feeling than the magic of a real-life Slimming World group and the amazing results speak for themselves.

“We’ve members who have lost as much as up six stone in our groups. If you’re thinking of joining, you’ll be welcomed by every one of us,” Pauline Bliss, who hosts the groups in St Kieran’s Community Centre Athlone, every Wednesday, stated.

“Members told me they’d really missed being together in-person – that feeling of community, swapping recipes and sharing ideas, and being there for each other through the highs and the lows of their journey.

“Plus, we know that there’s something powerful about stepping on the scales each week and having that regular check-in on your progress,” Sinead Morris, who hosts the groups in every Tuesday in The Shamrock Lodge Hotel, remarked.

“The last two years have been far from easy for all of us, with some people struggling more than others, but for lots of my members all of the challenges and anxieties have actually made them more determined than ever to achieve their goals and improve their health.

“They’ve proved anyone wanting to lose weight and feel healthier (which research shows could protect against disease ) doesn’t have to give up on their dreams!,” Yvonne Briscoe, who hosts the groups in The Shearwater Hotel in Ballinasloe, added.

“I know it can be nerve-wracking to walk into a Slimming World group for the first time, but I can assure anyone who’s worrying about their weight that there’s no judgment at Slimming World, just respect and care – Slimming World’s plan is about eating everyday foods and all your favourite meals, you just find out how to make small changes to how you cook them that make a big difference to your weight,” Carol Doran Joyce, who hosts the group every Saturday in Ballybay Community Hall, Kiltoom, concluded.

For more information about your nearest group, go to www.slimmingworld.ie or check out the relevant details within the advertisement featured in the Athlone Advertiser.


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