Provision of greenway solar lighting is a key priority for Moate - McCormack

Local Fianna Fáil Councillor Vinny McCormack is eager for Westmeath County Council to advance plans to erect solar lighting on the greenway in Moate and has identified this project as a key piece of infrastructure for the town.

“In early 2021 I brought forward a motion to the Athlone-Moate District seeking the installation of solar powered lighting along the stretch of greenway in Moate town. This is a heavily trafficked route where regular users form a loop incorporating the greenway and the main street of the town to go for a walk.

“At the moment, this stretch of greenway is in darkness in the winter evenings and the provision of lighting would leave it accessible for walkers all year round. I think it is also important that we look to deliver such projects in a sustainable, and environmentally friendly way going forward and solar powered lighting would certainly achieve this and ensure that the infrastructure could be put in place with minimal disruption,” Cllr McCormack noted.

Cllr McCormack’s motion received unanimous support from his fellow elected representatives and in subsequent questions raised by Cllr McCormack and other members the Director of Services, Barry Kehoe has confirmed that “options for this scheme are currently being considered and when this has been completed funding options will be investigated”.

“While I welcome the updated position from the Director I will now be seeking the urgent advancement of this project, there will be multiple funding streams opening up in the coming months and we need to be in a position to avail of these.

“We have all seen the importance of outdoor recreation facilities over the past couple of years and we are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful asset running right through the town.

“The provision of this lighting will help to ensure that individuals feel comfortable walking the greenway right throughout the year and allow us to use it to its full potential.

“I am very grateful for the support of all the elected members of the District for this project and I hope that we can work closely in the coming months to see it advanced in an efficient and timely manner,” Cllr McCormack concluded.


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