Athlone Credit Union announces launch of Community Support Fund

Athlone Credit Union is delighted to announce the launch of its community support fund.

As a local, member owned co-operative, Athlone Credit Union has a strong commitment to supporting the local community and since 1966 they have affirmed this commitment not only by the credit unions willingness to provide loan funding to such groups, but also by providing donations to a wide range of community, cultural, charity, and sports groups to help fund their activities.

As part of the new fund these local community groups are now invited to apply for funding to assist with worthwhile projects that benefit the local community.

Speaking about the launch of the new community support fund, Michael Evans, CEO of Athlone Credit Union, noted that social responsibility and community development are at the core of the Athlone Credit Union ethos.

“We are delighted to now announce the launch of the community support fund so we can continue to support the development of worthwhile projects to the benefit of our members and the local community in which we live and work.

“Our Community Support Fund 2022 is open to applications until February 22 2022, to which local community, cultural, charity and sports groups may apply for funding to assist with significant development,” Mr Evans stated.

Groups or organisations applying for sponsorship must complete the official application form stating why they should qualify for sponsorship. These application forms can be downloaded from or picked up in either branch offices at Monksland or Irishtown.

Completed application forms, together with any supporting documentation, must be returned to communitysupportfund by February 22 2022.

Applicants must be from within Athlone Credit Union’s common bond which is an area 10km from town centre, and funding must be for significant development projects that benefit the local area.

All applications will be considered and the beneficiaries will be announced at a presentation evening which will take place in the coming weeks.

“We are keenly aware that fundraising activities for a lot of our community clubs and charity organisations have been unable to proceed due to Covid restrictions so the launch of the community support fund will allow us to support a variety of local community organisations with significant developments that may have been on hold due to funding short falls,” Tony Gannon, chair of the Community Support Fund committee for Athlone Credit Union, commented.


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