Former Snowcream site in Moate a cause for much derelict concern amongst council representatives

A motion to assess the old Snowcream site on the Dublin Road in Moate for inclusion on the derelict properties register was raised by Fine Gael Councillor, Tom Farrell, at the most recent sitting of the Athlone-Moate Municipal District.

Raising the issue, Cllr Farrell stated that the site was now in total decay and become overgrown with trees.

“This site, I am also sad to say, is the scene of anti-social behaviour of which I have been informed by resident local to the area.

“The old Snowcream building was once an iconic site as you travelled into Moate on the old Dublin Road. Having opened in 1958, it unfortunately closed in 2001 and in its current state does not present the town of Moate in a positive manner.

“Making some progress with this derelict site could be the key to unlocking Moate’s potential in future times and I hope we may be in a position to do so - I am aware that the site is for sale at present,” Cllr Farrell asserted.

Concurring with Cllr Farrell, Fianna Fáil Councillor, Vinny McCormack stated that the site boasted a strategic location one which was “integral” to the town.

“I am of the belief that a sale is currently being finalised for this site and I am sure the intending purchaser will not be waiting to develop at this location. I will do my utmost to find out how this sale is progressing,” Cllr McCormack commented.

Cllr Frankie Keena questioned the benefit of adding the Snowcream site to the derelict register wondering if the owners would actually respond to such a placement.

“Would the owners respond positively or react indifferently should this site be placed on the derelict register?,” Cllr Keena remarked.

Responding, Mr Barry Kehoe, director of services, noted that the site was privately owned but had not been operational for 20 years.

“Looking on, the site would most probably qualify for inclusion on the derelict register and doing so may indeed motivate the owner into relevant action. However, there have been numerous sites within the county placed on our derelict register and there has been little progression from the relevant owners.

“Of course, we would welcome any development on this site, but if it is deemed to be derelict we will include on the register,” Mr Kehoe concluded.


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