Present restrictions deterring children from achieving daily exercise goals

As the shortest day of the year slips by, children and families are finding themselves less and less able to get adequate levels of physical activity each day.

This situation is further compounded by the increased restrictions around interactions and group activities due to the ongoing pandemic as access to children’s typical outlets for physical exercise are limited.

The findings of a national research study undertaken by laya healthcare for the Laya Super Troopers programme examining the overall health and wellbeing of children aged 9–12 in Ireland revealed that more than half (59 percent ) of children of that age group are not getting the recommended one hour of daily physical activity per day.

The research study also revealed that 81 percent of parents of children in 4th, 5th and 6th class say that time spent outdoors plays a vital role in their children’s mental health and wellbeing.

The nationally representative survey explored all aspects of the health and wellness of children aged between 9–12 and revealed the important of taking part in physical activity with 87 percent of parents claiming that their child is visibly happier after taking part in physical activity.

As the days reach their shortest on 21st December parents will need to find alternative ways for children to remain active and take part in outdoor activity throughout the winter months.

To help children reach their daily physical activity levels Laya Super Troopers TV, a 28-part TV series, is now available online so children can watch any day, any time. It is the newest element of the established Laya Super Troopers programme where parents and kids can find tips to keep active all year round.

The series focuses on three pillars of physical activity, nutrition and mental wellbeing and features an array of fun activities, advice, and lots of challenges for children, parents and teachers to try themselves.

Endorsed by Healthy Ireland, the Laya Super Troopers programme is the first and largest health homework programme in Ireland, over one million children have participated in the programme since its launch six years ago and 600 schools across the country will take part in the programme this academic year. The newest elements of the programme, Laya Super Troopers TV features ten-minute episodes which are now available online so kids and parents can watch at any time of the day. Hosted by children and featuring recognisable faces like Johnny Sexton and Anna Geary, Laya Super Troopers TV is a fun and engaging series that provides viewers with tips and activities that can keep them active indoors during the colder weather and darker evenings.

Families all across the country can get involved by going to to access and watch the free Laya Super Troopers TV series and explore the activities and resources available.


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