Eat what you want, but in a healthier way

In the realm of healthy eating, portion control is possibly the most important aspect, outside of choosing the right foods to eat.

George Foreman Grills recommends: If you’re making lifestyle changes to be healthier, portion control plays a vital role in helping you develop a positive relationship with food. Sometimes, it’s not about what you eat, it’s about how much, and all good things are best enjoyed in moderation.

The point of portion control is to make sure you’re eating just enough to satisfy without overstuffing yourself and packing in the extra calories.

Plus, the really nice thing about being controlled in your portions is that you can be more generous with what you eat. Instead of limiting yourself to a diet of tofu and rice cakes alone and eventually cheating on something that’s impossible to keep up, you can eat more of what you want in a controlled way. Doing this will allow you to be healthier overall, by taking small, practical steps in the right direction.

Follow these simple tips to help control food portions.

Fill half your plate with veggies

Vegetables contain lots of water and fibre, but are low in calories. By replacing half the protein or carbohydrate with vegetables, you can eat the same volume of food while cutting calories. Add more vegetables to your favourite recipes to make them lower in calories and more nutrient-dense.

Increase protein intake

Protein rich meals increase feelings of fullness. Opt for lean sources of protein such as poultry, eggs, fish, beans and tofu.


It might seem counterintuitive to eat more courses in order to eat less food, but starting your meal with a soup or salad can help you do just that. They have a high water content, are full of fiber-rich veggies and are generally low in calories.

Use smaller plates and utensils

Using smaller plates can help keep portion sizes smaller and tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating more. Most people feel equally full eating from a smaller plate.

Drink Water

Drinking a glass of water up to 30 minutes before a meal will naturally aid portion control and make you feel less hungry. Being well hydrated also helps you distinguish between hunger and thirst.

This idea of portion control is one of the cornerstones of George Foreman Grills. George, himself, invented the grill for the very reason that he could keep eating the foods he loved, but do it in a healthier way.

The key is that you can eat what you want, but you should do it in a way that’s healthier with portion control, cutting calories where you can and adding a few healthy options into your normal menu. The George Foreman range is available from independent electrical retailers nationwide


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