Popular Seamus O’Rourke performs ‘The Sand Park’ at Roscommon Arts Centre

Seamus O’Rourke performs 'The Sand Park' at Roscommon Arts Centre on Saturday, October 23

Seamus O’Rourke performs 'The Sand Park' at Roscommon Arts Centre on Saturday, October 23

This October 23, Roscommon Arts Centre welcomes writer, actor and director, Seamus O’Rourke, back to their stage with his first one man show 'The Sand Park'.

James Antony Lowry – cherishes the family hub – the fun and mayhem of his rural existence. He knows what it’s like to lose, but his loved-ones are never lost, as long as he has the Sand Park.

'The Sand Park' is the sometimes hilarious account of how Lowry, a man in his mid-fifties, came to terms with loss. It’s a play about rural Irish life and the way we cope with the inevitable, it’s a play about how life and death and humour and love and sadness all live in the same house together and then a strange thing happens. In this 50-minute play, there is much to ponder, much to enjoy and a good reason to laugh out loud.

Seamus O’Rourke has become widely known for his simple storytelling – capturing rural Irish life in a way that both amuses and affects in equal measure. His writing takes a rare approach – his acting oozes with an energy and passion that comes from his love of the of the land and his art. He is no stranger to Roscommon audiences with performances in Under the Bed, And Thank You, Livin Dred’s Trad, My Aunt Bee and Dig to name just a few.

Seamus has also over two million hits on YouTube and Social Media with his short stories, recitations and sketches. He recently released A Lock of Poems, Recitations and Good Ones – a collection of his much-loved poems and recitations and in 2020 he released his memoir Standing in Gaps.

Watch 'The Sand Park' on Saturday, October 23, at 8pm. Tickets are €18/16 and are available now from www.roscommonartscentre.ie and from box office on 09066 25824


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