Young Moydrum entrepreneur raises funds for road safety cause

The persistent presence of Covid-19 did not deter one young local entrepreneur from devising an initiative to raise funds for the construction of a new footpath in proximity to his residence.

Edward Moore, who is the son of Ronan and Michelle Moore, Moydrum, identified an opportunity to provide a cool refreshing lemon drink and biscuits outside his home for sale over the duration of the May Bank Holiday weekend. His temporary drink stall became a regular pit stop for people as they passed by, resulting in the creative entrepreneur raising €316.

Cllr Frankie Keena, who resides in the locality, has afforded nine year old Edward the title of ‘Athlone’s Youngest Entrepreneur’.

“I am really proud of him for his intuition, drive, energy and time he put into delivering on this excellent fundraiser.

“Edward has also helped his father with other fundraising activities such as the ‘Cash for Clobber’ collection and the metal collection. Edward’s commitment to this community effort shows his determination to raise these funds, in order to provide a safe way of walking and cycling, along such busy roads. I want to sincerely thank Edward for all his help,” Cllr Keena enthused.

The Bliary/Moydrum Residents Association made an application under the Community Involvement Scheme initiative to Westmeath County Council earlier this year to provide a footpath along the L-1427 from IO Systems to Moydrum Gates. This is phase one of their overall plan to extend the footpath to Annagortha Cross under future phases. The Community Involvement Scheme funds 85 percent of the overall cost and the local community funds the remaining 15 percent.

“The installation of this footpath would be most beneficial to improve public safety along this key strategic link road into Athlone and it would also encourage people to walk/cycle more frequently to work or school,” Cllr Keena asserted.

The thoughts of the Fianna Fáil public representative were echoed by Edward who stated the need for a footpath to enable him use his scooter safely along the road.

“The local fundraising committee, chaired by Ciaran McKenna, has initiated out a wide variety of fundraisers over the last two months and the response to date has been overwhelming. We are just so appreciative to everyone for their support in helping us raise the 15 percent contribution.

“The Council has received a large number of applications under the 2021 Community Involvement Scheme. Our application currently being assessed by thelocal authority and a decision will be shortly announced.

“Our next fundraiser is a fun virtual table quiz scheduled to take place on May 28 and I look forward to numerous participants on the night with many excellent prizes to be won,” Cllr Keena concluded.


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