So you want to be Deliveroo’s food Rooviewer?

Do you consider yourself a true foodie fanatic? Can you tell your Five Guys fries from your Bunsens? Your Lemon & Herb from your Extra Hot?

Deliveroo has announced it’s on the hunt for a food ‘Rooviewer’ from Ireland who will be given a year’s worth of free credit to taste test menus in return for foodie feedback.

The search for a ‘Rooviewer’ has been launched in celebration of the food-delivery platform’s campaign “Deliveroo Presents: The Year of Great Food”. As Deliveroo is committed to delivering great food to all customers, the new role is designed to help the on-demand delivery company trial the thousands of options available to order, and help identify hidden gems.

As Deliveroo seeks to celebrate local restaurants, the best hidden gems identified by the new Rooviewer will have a chance of featuring in future Deliveroo marketing campaigns, alongside others chosen by the company. For anyone unsure as to whether they have what it takes to take on the role of a ‘Rooviewer’ and celebrate a year of great food, Deliveroo has outlined a set of requirements.

To make sure the successful candidate ‘gets’ great food, applicants should:

Have experience in eating all food types.

Be willing to try different cuisines.

A palette for savoury and sweet, spicy and saucy.

Familiarity with high-street chains as well as a desire to sample local independents.

A sense of culinary adventure.

Ability to translate a great foodie experience into written or visual recommendations/critique.

If successful, over the course of the next 12 months, the Rooviewer will be given credit to use in return for providing the food delivery service with written reviews of restaurants and food experiences, and captured images and video content of them taste testing dishes, to potentially be used on the Deliveroo blog and social channels over the course of a year.

“Great food is there to be discovered and we want to help more people find it. We know our customers love food, everything from local favourites to high-street staples, so this is an opportunity for any Deliveroo devotees with a good palette and a taste for great food to trial new, mind-blowing meals.

“In the past year, we’ve welcomed over a thousand new restaurants on the platform, now we need a curious connoisseur who ‘gets’ food as much as we do, to hero the hidden gems and help us in our year of food discovery,” Arabella Jenkins at Deliveroo said.

Whether it’s a burger and chips one day and sashimi the next, there are no limits on what the successful candidate can sample during their time as a ‘Rooviewer’.

Applications to be a ‘Rooviewer’ are open to anyone over the age of 18 in the Republic of Ireland. To apply or for more information, go to


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