Things are getting dirty

(and not in a good way)

OK, OK, I know I’ve been going on about the local elections a bit. But you know what, that’s my job! I was going to write about other things this week, but then I got a very interesting letter, one which I’m sure other papers in the area have received as well. This letter pertains to a certain local election candidate. Let’s refer to him/her as Candidate X.

The letter in question, purely for legal reasons, cannot be reproduced in the paper. But yet it raises an issue that must be talked about - dirty politics.

The anonymous letter pathetically attempts to drag up issues about Candidate X’s family members in an attempt to besmirch them. The claims, one of which I have no doubt is false and the other completely irrelevant to the local election, have clearly been thrown together in an attempt to get a smear campaign rolling.

To be fair most election candidates I know have only got good things to say about their running mates, but then again they would have to watch their words, wouldn’t they?

It would appear that the creator of the letter is perhaps not a candidate themselves but a fanatical supporter of a candidate or party. This wouldn’t be the first time a zealous supporter of a party or candidate has come knocking on the door of the Advertiser telling tales and demanding column inches. Only a few weeks ago a supporter of a high profile European election candidate who, at the time, had yet to step foot in the county never mind the town, demanded some column inches.

And surely there will be many more knocks at the door before and perhaps after June 5. And that’s fine, we love eager people. But perhaps if they could be a little less extreme with their accusations we migh entertain them a bit more.

To be fair I find people who are passionate about political parties and candidates admirable, but is it not best to let candidates speak for themselves? Surely their policies and political views should be enough to capture supporters, and more importantly votes!

But then things wouldn’t be as interesting.


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