Almost 8 in 10 women are wearing the incorrect bra size - are you one of them?

Is your bra fitting you correctly?

Are your breasts bulging out of the top or side of your cup?

Do you look smooth in a t-shirt?

Does your bra ride up your back?

Do your underwires stick out at the front or under your arms?

According to a recent survey by, 56 per cent of women say comfort is the number one feature they look for in a bra.

Some 45 per cent of women have never gone for a professional bra fitting.

And 58 per cent of women have not bought an outfit because they didn't have the right bra.

Women's bra sizes change up to six times during their lives.

Complimentary bra fitting at Burgess

Burgess of Athlone provides an expert complimentary bra fitting service. A bra fitting takes just a few minutes in comfortable and discreet surroundings, and you don’t even have to remove your own bra.

I popped in to Burgess last week to avail of their bra fitting service. I hadn’t been measured for a number of years - and like most women, I found I was wearing the wrong size. Having tried several styles and brands, I came away one size down in back width, and one step up in cup size, the difference in shape and comfort instantly evident.

In the privacy of the spacious lingerie fitting rooms at Burgess, trained staff will measure you, discuss any special requirements, and bring you a selection of bras to try on. No appointment is necessary.

With the widest range in the Midlands, Burgess is sure to have one that provides the perfect fit - whatever your bust size.

When should you check your bra size?

Our busts change for many reasons throughout our lives - age, weight variations, contraceptives, pregnancy and post-pregnancy, or following surgery.

If you want to look and feel as good as you should, look at your bras regularly and check that they fit properly. Experts recommend that you get yourself fitted at least every six months, and more often if there are particular reasons why your bust may be changing.

Bra ranges nowadays cover everything from the seductive and feminine to sportswear and post operative, so whatever your bust size, there’s a bra to perfectly fit you!

There is currently 20 per cent of selected brands at Burgess when you get fitted by their experts. Call to Burgess of Athlone today to avail of their free bra fitting service.


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