Talented KTG to release new self-penned music on the double

Athlone Community College teacher, Katie Gallagher (KTG) will release new self-penned music on Friday, February 12

Athlone Community College teacher, Katie Gallagher (KTG) will release new self-penned music on Friday, February 12

A soothing vocal tone familiar to many, singer songwriter Katie Gallagher (KTG ), continues to progress and evolve as a music artist, her prowess on an upward curve, prior to the release of new music material courtesy of two self penned songs, ‘Melon’ and ‘The Canal’.

Both songs are due to be released on Friday, February 12, on various music platforms with the Athlone Community College based teacher looking forward to her lyrics and melodies being heard by a vast listening audience.

“Both songs were recorded in January of last year. ‘Melon’, complete with an orchestral feel to the song, focuses on the theme of heartbreak as Valentine’s Day fast approaches, while ‘The Canal’ is a reflection on broken promises, separating the idealistic from the reality in matters personal love,” Katie remarked, as she discussed her present music output this week.

Presently penning with a view to releasing a new album this year, Katie has a number of partially written songs necessitating further direction and craft.

“I am hopeful of releasing a new album later in the year and with that in mind, the writing process is ongoing. In that regard, I find my creativity is presently to the fore when I am driving and as thoughts flow I have to stop and record the words and melody on my iphone,” Katie commented.

Under the guise of Tremelo Entertainment since August 2020, Katie is presently balancing her songwriting process with online tutoring at her school of music in Ballymahon.

Her podcast, ‘Scattered’, during which she broaches a number of pertinent issues, has been well received by her many social media followers and allows escapism from the persistence that is Covid-19 in present times.

“It is good to have a number of positives on which to focus in this Covid-19 environment and hopefully, when live shows return, I will be in a position to perform new self-penned music,” Katie concluded.

‘Melon’ and ‘The Canal’ are released on Beardfire Music record label and will be available to download from numerous music streaming services on Friday, February 12.


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