Boost your Vitamin D intake during the winter months

Did you know that Vitamin D is vital for the development of healthy bones, teeth and muscles?

Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin D tablets were developed as a convenient way to supplement the diet with vitamin D. By taking a daily supplement with food, Ultra Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and is also known for its role in supporting normal function of the immune system, normal cell division and normal muscle function.

What is Vitamin D?

Interestingly, despite its name, vitamin D is a hormone and we can make it in our body.

When we are outside in daylight, our clever body can take vitamin D when the light hits our skin. The amount of vitamin D that the body can make depends on lots of things outside of our control including how strong the sunlight is, age and skin colour. Unlike other vitamins, it is sunshine, not food, that provides our body with most of its vitamin D.

Vitamin D can be found naturally in foods such as oily fish and eggs while some milks and cereals are fortified with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has functions and benefits that are probably more wide ranging than any other vitamin.

Normal function of the immune system

Maintenance of normal bones and teeth

Normal absorption and utilisation of calcium

Normal muscle function

Normal blood calcium levels

The process of cell division

Vitamin D has been in the news recently for its links to Covid-19. A trial on the relationship Vitamin D has in preventing colds, flu and chest infections found that Vitamin D had a significant protective effect when it was given daily or weekly to people with lowest vitamin D levels.

Vitabiotics have two Vitamin D strengths available which both come in a three-month supply from just one small daily tablet.


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