Green tea a truly rich source of key antioxidant benefits

All teas (Green, Black, and Oolong ) are derived from the same plant, the difference being in the preparation of the leaves.

Green tea, unlike the others is not fermented, so the active ingredients remain unaltered.

Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants, or potent free radical scavenging polyphenols, showing higher anti-oxidant protection than vitamins C and E.

It has been shown to elevate the activity of glutathione peroxidase and other antioxidant enzymes in the small intestine which is likely why green tea possesses such potent activity against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Green tea consumption with meals may inhibit the formation of nitrosamines (carcinogenic compounds ), therefore protecting cells from damage.

Green tea is well known for helping with weight control as green tea compounds have been shown to enhance the rate of fat metabolism by exerting direct inhibition of gastric and pancreatic lipases and by a stimulation of thermogenesis.

Green tea is also anti-allergic as it has been shown to inhibit the release of histamine, a major chemical mediator in allergic reactions.

Green tea is available in capsules as well as teabags and loose leaves.

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