New Kia Carnival promises unrivalled style space and comfort

Kia Carnival -  new, strong, and stylish SUV-inspired design.

Kia Carnival - new, strong, and stylish SUV-inspired design.

The all new fourth generation Kia Carnival has been fully revealed, heralding the arrival of the brand’s fourth generation flagship MPV.

Sold in many markets worldwide as the Sedona, Kia says that the new Carnival has been designed to appeal to progressive young families through its leading combination of innovation, space, flexibility and style. It goes on sale in Korea this week with other global markets to follow from later this year.

Based on Kia’s new mid-size platform, the Carnival has been dubbed a ‘Grand Utility Vehicle’ (GUV ). Kia tells us that it more refined, roomier and more capable than ever, as well as offering greater space and efficiency than its predecessors. It boasts that in these areas, it surpasses all current rivals in the MPV segment.

Kia tells us that its new strong and stylish SUV-inspired design is also matched with a modern new interior with a range of new technologies designed to assist drivers, while protecting and entertaining occupants.

Intelligent packaging over three or even four rows, class-leading cargo capacity, and a range of storage areas throughout the cabin also make it an immensely practical option for families. The futuristic interior features a panoramic screen layout.

Kia also promises an easy-going, assured ride thanks to the new platform, steering and suspension.

“The Carnival has been well-regarded by buyers for a long time and has become Kia’s flagship family-friendly vehicle. The fourth-generation Carnival is a significant new vehicle for us, as it demonstrates every strength that makes Kia so popular around the world.

“It improves the quality, versatility and usability of its predecessors, while making travel far more relaxing and more enjoyable for families. With a sophisticated design and cutting-edge technologies to provide owners greater value in their daily lives, the new model solidifies Kia’s role in the minivan segment. It is a ‘Grand Utility Vehicle’ that sets a new standard for MPVs,” a Kia spokesperson commented.

Powerful and efficiency Smartstream engines with eight-speed automatic transmission. Depending on market and specification, the new Carnival is available with a choice of up to three new engines, all offering swift, easily-accessible performance.

The most powerful engine in the line-up is a 3.5-liter GDi Petrol V6, producing up to 294 PS and 355 Nm torque. This engine features an advanced GDi and multi-point injection (MPI ) system, which optimizes the combustion cycle depending on conditions to maximize power and efficiency.

A 3.5-liter MPi gasoline V6 is also available, producing up to 272 PS and 332 Nm torque. This features the same new integrated thermal management system as its GDi counterpart.

A new 2.2-liter ‘Smartstream’ diesel engine is offered to customers in many markets, and is one of the cleanest diesel units that Kia has ever made. Producing up to 202 PS, and offering 440 Nm torque over a broad range of engine speeds, the new engine replaces its predecessor’s cast iron block for a 20 kg lighter aluminum block. Furthermore, it features a range of measures that reduce friction, aid cooling, enhance efficiency, and reduce emissions. These include new high-pressure injectors, new balancer shafts, a thermal management system, and selective catalytic reduction to regulate emissions.

All engines are paired as standard with eight-speed automatic transmissions, offering smooth and swift progress to match the car’s unruffled dynamic character.

Kia says that the new Carnival boasts a range of passive and active safety and driver assistance systems, protecting the driver and their passengers on every journey. Kia’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS ) help to reduce many of the inherent hazards and stresses of driving, making the Carnival relaxing, safe and confidence-inspiring to drive. Depending on market and vehicle specifications, the ADAS range in the new Carnival is one of the most comprehensive found on any new car today.

The new Kia Carnival will go on-sale in Korea starting today with sales due to commence in many of Kia’s global markets from later in the year.


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