Make Way Day initiative primed to address local access problems

Westmeath County Council elected representatives promote Make Way Day 2020

Westmeath County Council elected representatives promote Make Way Day 2020

Westmeath County Council, in conjunction with 30 fellow local authorities is taking part in this year’s #MakeWayDay20 – A National Day of Local Action virtual campaign.

Local authorities will host virtual meetings, at 11 am on Friday, September 25, with their local disabilities groups this year. Again, people will highlight access issues from their lived experience of disability.

This year, however, they will not take to the streets due to the persistent presence of COVID-19. Instead they will meet virtually with the designers and decision makers of their local authority. Working together, action plans will be produced to tackle local access problems.

The core message this year is ‘Hey, this blocks my way!’

Cllr Hazel Smyth will host Westmeath’s virtual meeting on Friday, September 25, at 11am and the local authority welcomes all local disability groups and interested parties to participate, tell their story, take part in the discussion and seek a positive way forward.

They want to hear about obstacles that block the way and make the everyday lives of people with disabilities more difficult and the potential ideas of how to address this.

If you are interested in attending the virtual ‘Make Way Day’ meeting, please email [email protected] with details of your organisation and names and email addresses of attendees. (Please note numbers will be limited ).

Westmeath County Council is also seeking representatives who would like to speak about their experiences in the past, either good or poor to get a balanced approach.

Please contact Margaret Egan at [email protected] to discuss including your story.


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