The Allergy Clinic expand testing services to the Galway Clinic

The Allergy clinic Blackrock Clinic, along with Dr Harry Beauchamp, are delighted to expand our allergy testing services to the Galway Clinic.

The Allergy Clinic is an allergy testing and diagnosis facility with clinics in Galway, Dublin and Waterford for adults and children.

Patients can access the service by booking an appointment directly with the clinic, via their GP or consultant.

The Allergy Clinic carries out comprehensive testing for patients typically suffering with hay fever, sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma, migraine, stomach upset, urticaria, body rash, the cost of the test being €180.

Patients leave the clinics with their allergy diagnosis, full management plan and referral to a consultant if need be. Wholly dedicated staff within the clinics also work closely with dermatologists in Galway to carry allergy patch testing for their patients on request, while another stem to The Allergy Clinic is metal allergy screening for orthopaedic patients.

Working alongside Mr Paul Nicholson, The Allergy Clinic has developed a service for patients having hip and knee replacement surgery to test for metal allergy before they have their surgery. Symptoms of metal allergies post-surgery are localised rash, swelling, heat and pain.

Diagnosing metal allergies before surgery is a contributing factor to a successful surgery and can eliminate the need for a second surgery to remove the problematic implant.

If you have an upcoming surgery or are struggling to heal from a previous surgery call The Allergy Clinic at 0877843461 to discuss your options. The cost of this service is €250.

For further information visit or You can also follow The Allergy Clinic on facebook and Instagram.


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