Sumptuous slow cooked beef ribs a barbecue treat

Guarantee a no fuss barbecue with a delicious crowd pleaser, Simon Rimmer X Weber’s low and slow cooked beef ribs.

Big and bold, these indulgent beef ribs are packed full of flavour and are undeniably tender, so good they will just fall off the bone.

Serves: 4 people

Preparation time: 0.5 hours

Cooking time: 4.5 hours


4 boned beef ribs

4 tbsp BBQ rub

25 cl beef stock

4 tbsp BBQ sauce

In the kitchen

If ribs are still joined, divide into individual cuts.

In store, find ribs contained in vacuum sealed packs with contents of three to four rib bones.

Trim any excess fat. Keep skin on back of rib to ensure meat stays on bone while cooking.

Apply a generous coating of BBQ rub.

At the barbecue

Prepare barbecue for indirect heat, approx. 125°C. If using 57cm charcoal barbecue, prepare grill for long cook at lower temperatures.

Divide 20 unlit briquettes over charcoal holders. Light 20 more briquettes in chimney starter and divide again over unlit briquettes.

Align for indirect cooking and place aluminium tray between holders. Allow grill sufficient time to reach desired temperature.

Place ribs on grate directly above aluminium tray and smoke for three hours until mahogany in colour.

If using wood chips, add handful every 30 minutes for first two hours. If using wood chunks, add two to three chunks at start of cooking process.

Once ribs appear mahogany in colour, remove from smoker and wrap tight in butcher paper.

When placed in butcher paper, add extra rub and dash of beef stock and place in aluminium tray.

Raise heat to approx. 150°C, to save on cooking time.

Insert temperature probe and wait for core temperature of 92°C.

Depending on size of rib, temperature should be reached after approximately 90 minutes.Once core temperature has been reached, unpack ribs and place on BBQ again.

After five minutes, glaze with BBQ sauce and let caramelise for 10 minutes.


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