Athlone Chamber of Commerce make new President appointment

A new President has been announced at the Athlone Chamber of Commerce following the appointment of local businessman, Alan Shaw, to the prominent position.

The former local public representative succeeds outgoing President, John McGrath, and was formally afforded the chain of office within the surrounds of the Radisson Blu Hotel on Wednesday evening.

Speaking to the Athlone Advertiser this week, Alan, who is presently the Chief Financial Officer at Shaw Commercials Group, detailed his positive anticipation prior to his prominent appointment.

“I am very much looking forward to taking up the role as President of Athlone Chamber of Commerce. I am only a recent member of the organisation and I will afford the position the due recognition which it truly deserves,” Alan commented.

Noting the detrimental COVID-19 impact on the local economy, Alan stated that the manner in which business is conducted has been revolutionised by the pandemic.

“A lot of local businesses have suffered due to the impact of the pandemic and have had to adapt their process and product to meet the changing economy environment. In this regard, the Athlone Chamber of Commerce has a big role to play to assist such businesses in their time of need,” Alan asserted.

The incoming President acknowledged the unity of purpose amongst existing Athlone Chamber of Commerce members.

“Athlone Chamber of Commerce must strive to adapt a cohesive mindset. Working as a unit will ultimately result in a stronger organisation and be of the utmost benefit for our local economy,” Alan emphasised.

Presently working on a strategic three year term to positively impact the local economy, Alan noted the need for the business community to “trade out of the current crisis”.

“Athlone Chamber of Commerce will continue to consult with its members within the town and afford assistance to the local business community during such times.

“We hope to build upon our existing membership and future introduction of our short to medium term strategic plan will be beneficial to all members going forward,” Alan enthused.

Meanwhile, Athlone Town Mayor, Cllr. Aengus O’Rourke, has formally welcomed the Athlone Chamber of Commerce appointment.

The former local public representative was formally unveiled at an Athlone Chamber of Commerce function hosted in the Radisson Blu Hotel on Wednesday evening.

“As Mayor, and as a former President of Athlone Chamber of Commerce, I would like to warmly congratulate Alan Shaw on his election as President of Athlone Chamber of Commerce.

Noting his many attributes, the Town Mayor, stated that the local Chamber of Commerce had made an astute decision appointing Alan to such a prominent position.

“In Alan, the Chamber membership and board have made a very good choice. A businessman, Alan is Chief Financial Officer at Shaw Commercials Group, he is at the cold face and has first hand experience of the cut and thrust of business.

“He is also very involved in the arts in Athlone, not to mention politics. I served with Alan in the last term of Athlone Town Council which was abolished in 2014.

“Alan comes in at a challenging time for all businesses but I have no doubt he will make a very positive impact on business life in Athlone and the region during his term.

“I have spoken to Alan in recent days and offered him my support in any way he feels we might advance the cause of Athlone and further enhance Athlone’s reputation as the business capital of the Midlands region,” Cllr. O’Rourke stated.

Offering his gratitude to outgoing President, John McGrath, the Town Mayor asserted that positive times await as Athlone, a growth town, offers much potential from an economic perspective.

“I would like to also take this opportunity to sincerely thank the outgoing President John McGrath for his sterling service over many years in a voluntary capacity.

“Athlone is a great town, huge opportunities and potential lie ahead from an economic perspective. I have no doubt, that with all the local agencies and organisations working together we can and will realise our potential as a thriving economic hub for the Midlands region,” Cllr. O’Rourke concluded.


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