Pedestrian safety paramount as assessment of Rosemount footpaths formally mooted

Addressing the monthly meeting of the Athlone-Moate Municipal District on Monday afternoon, local Fianna Fáil Councillor, Vincent McCormack, called upon the local authority executive to carry out an assessment of the footpaths in Rosemount with a view to carrying out necessary enhancement works at the earliest opportunity.

“The standard of footpaths in Rosemount are a real concern for local residents. The footpaths, in the main, are extremely narrow and are not able to accommodate two people walking side by side. This problem is compounded by the fact that there are numerous ESB and telephone poles dissecting the footpaths at various points. The existing kerbs on the footpaths are also a trip hazard where they have become damaged over the years and I have been made aware of a number accidents resulting in minor injuries over the past couple of years,” Cllr. McCormack remarked.

Cllr. McCormack noted the wealth of community activities within the Rosemount community heightening the need for pedestrian safety measures to be implemented.

“Rosemount is an extremely progressive area with a wealth of community activities taking place between the school, church, GAA pitch and community centre. We should also consider the increased number of pedestrians in the area over recent years who are availing of easy access to the greenway.

“I realise that there are road width issues which complicate any plans to widen the footpaths in Rosemount. I do however feel that we must investigate all possibilities to improve the safety of pedestrians in the long term. Such works would be of great benefit to children attending the local school, mass goers at the weekends or GAA followers attending a game of football at the local pitch.

I would therefore like to request that Westmeath County Council carry out a full assessment of the footpaths in the area with a view to either scheduling works under next year’s programme or applying to a suitable national scheme.

“Works to improve the standard of the footpaths would really add to the area and I would be grateful for the other members support,” Cllr. McCormack asserted.


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