Service Matters creates products to help business to get back to work

For more than two decades, Service Matters has been excelling in everything they do, to ensure they delight their customers with both product offering and service provided.

With four depots on the island, the Roscommon headquartered business has come up with a range of products to allow businesses to operate safely in this new post-lockdown era.

They are experts in floor mat solutions, washroom services, along with a focus on workwear and specialised laundry requirements across many industries; and now, at a time when pressure is mounting on supply chains of disposable masks to the health service, they have come up with a range of products that will ease such pressure.

Service Matters worked with their Irish-based manufacturer to create the reusable barrier masks. Supplying Reusable Barrier Masks provides an alternative solution which doesn’t impede the supply chain of disposable masks to our Health Service and is an environmentally friendly alternative to using disposable masks.

The new reusable barrier mask can be washed at 60 degrees — indeed, it is recommended to wash and iron it daily if it is used in an infectious environment.

To help businesses prepare for re-opening, and to help protect their customers and staff, Service Matters are providing a Microshield Foot Bath System which can be used upon entry to a premises.

It helps to reduce the spread of micro organisms and can be used in the following industries — education, hospitality, food service, office, manufacturing, government and gyms/recreational facilities.

Their Hand Sanitising Dispenser stand, is foot pedal operated, providing additional protection to customer and staff upon entry to a premises. The disposable Face Shield can be used with or without the reusable barrier masks and is ideal for many customer-facing roles.

Service Matters have an extensive range of supplies in stock to help clubs and businesses get ready to implement Covid-19 regulations. Their reusable barrier mask has two layers of cotton and is machine washable at 60 degrees which is in line with government guidelines.

Barrier masks are a cheaper and environmentally friendly option over disposable masks. The government is not ruling out making the wearing of face coverings mandatory having launched a campaign last week

“At Service Matters, we believe we are the ideal partner for our customers in delivering best-in-class products and service on a consistent basis,” said MD Vincent Collins.

Service Matters can be contacted on 0906627477 or visit their online shop


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