Athlone (Midlands) Rape Crisis Centre remains operational during COVID-19 crisis

The Athlone (Midland ) Rape Crisis Centre is still providing counselling during Covid-19.

Athlone (Midland ) Rape Crisis Centre is acutely aware of how difficult a time this is for survivors of sexual violence and wish to support you in whatever way we can. The Centre is also aware that it is very difficult to find a private time to make or take a call.

It takes great courage to take the first step to make contact with the service offered by the Athlone Rape Crisis Centre who are aware that a person calling may be revealing what they have been going through for the first time. It is so important for victims of sexual violence to know that what has happened to them was not their fault and that the power that was taken from them can be taken back with the help of counselling.

If you wish to contact the Centre please leave your first name and number on our answering service and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. Staff can then arrange a good time for one of our therapists to have a phone counselling session with you.

The Athlone (Midland ) Rape Crisis Centre is officially 25 years old this year. The centre was opened on March 23, 1995, by then President, Mary Robinson. However, it was actually established in 1993 by a group of dedicated volunteers who saw the need for the service in Athlone and the surrounding area. Since this time it has grown and evolved to the professional counselling service it is today.

The Centre offers a free counselling service to both male and female clients from the age of 14 whose lives have been affected by rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, or any form of sexual violence. All counselling is provided by professionally accredited and experienced therapists.

Support is offered to family members, partners, or friends of people who have been victims of sexual violence. Information and support regarding the legal and medical processes involved with the aftermath of rape and sexual abuse is also provided.

For support, to talk to a professionally qualified therapist on the phone or to arrange counselling sessions please call and leave message on 1800 306 600. When all returns to normal we will resume face to face counselling sessions in Athlone, Mullingar and Longford.


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