Prepare for COVID-19 bounce back with no contact pelvic physiotherapy

Aoife Ni Eochaidh

We all know the dreadful feeling of needing the bathroom suddenly to empty the bowels while having coffee with friends or while out shopping and how humiliating and embarrassing it is to be caught short and pass stool.

Imagine the awful feeling with an over whelming urge to empty your bowel and not making it to the bathroom on time. Worse still is the fear of not being able to control wind or gas. Help is available to give yourself back your freedom without fear of bowel leaks and to ensure optimal bowel emptying and solve constipation!

Ireland extended the COVID-19 restrictions on personal freedom and movements on April 10. We can look forward to further updates from Government on May 5 and hopefully with good news about safe plans to exit these restrictions.

No contact pelvic physiotherapy can help you bounce back to your new lives. Telephone and video call Physiotherapy can give you optimal health and a good quality of life without fear of incontinence or other pelvic conditions from the comfort of your own home!

Aoife Ni Eochaidh, Chartered Physiotherapist, provides telephone and video call physiotherapy to keep the chest clear, maintain strength and fitness and provide pelvic floor muscle treatment for bladder and bowel incontinence. She also treats sexual dysfunction, prolapse and post-natal pelvic conditions and osteoporosis as well.

Aoife will be delighted to welcome all patients who have had to postpone the rest of their pelvic physiotherapy for different COVID-19 related reasons back to the clinic as soon as possible. New patients, either referred or self-referred to Aoife, will be seen face to face too, as urgently as possible, once she can safely do so. However, in the meantime, Aoife recommends that assessments and treatments of all patients are done with Aoife by telephone or video call.

Though unusual for Aoife to conduct physiotherapy by phone or video call, it is a new world for all of us now and it is vital to provide physiotherapy in this way to stop the spread of the virus. Aoife currently offers pelvic physiotherapy in this way and appointments are available when people need them - early morning, daytime and in the evening too. People can choose to have their pelvic physiotherapy consultation with Aoife by normal regular telephone phone call, zoom, WhatsApp, skype or facetime consultation. Patients can get a referral from their GP to see Aoife or self-refer themselves. Payment is gratefully accepted by card payment.

Patients are advised on an individual basis in a live physiotherapy assessment with Aoife. Don’t worry that telephone and video physiotherapy might not be as good as attending in person, a lot can still be achieved and it’s always better to start sooner rather than later with any health issues!

Many people who have more time now because they are home due to COVID-19 are delighted to consult with Aoife in this new way. Especially new mums, those after surgery (Prostate, Bowel or Gynae ), those with Prolapse or Bladder or Bowel Problems and especially those intimacy and sexual dysfunction issues, Osteoporosis and other chronic health conditions.

Aoife Ni Eochaidh, Chartered Physiotherapist and winner of the BPW & Irish Permanent Galway ‘Young Business Woman of Year’ award is an experienced and passionate chartered physiotherapist who runs her private clinic normally from Suite 14, Bon Secours Consultant Clinic in Renmore, Galway.

Aoife uses modern non-invasive, evidence-based, and portable technologies such as electrical stimulation and treats men. Women and children. All pelvic physiotherapy equipment needed by the patient can be delivered safely to homes to treat the root cause and ensure excellent results. Aoife is highly experienced and skilled in the use of a large tool box of treatments. Aoife treats all age groups. Get your confidence and quality of life back, without fear due to COVID 19 with a video or telephone physiotherapy appointment!

As we are coming to the end of COVID 19, the ‘butterflies’ will be exiting the cocoon and bouncing back to normal life soon. Talk to your doctor, or enquire with Aoife about having your physiotherapy treatment by telephone or video call. Decreasing respiratory function, general fitness, and well-being, and decreasing bladder, bowel, and sexual function are awful, but with physiotherapy treatment the results are great! To book a no contact pelvic physiotherapy appointment or a refresher pelvic physiotherapy appointment from the comfort of your own home or for further information email [email protected] or see or ring 087 2863013 or view Aoife on her YouTube channel which is called Pelvi Podcast.


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