Six simple steps to prepare your home for viewings

Oates Auctioneers, with a branch at The Manse, Northgate Street, Athlone, has afforded a number of key steps to preparing your private residence in advance of public viewing.

Start decluttering early on

Of course when preparing for viewings you will want to make your home look tidy and presentable. However it’s important to remember that the majority of potential buyers will want to see your house as a blank canvas in order to imagine it as their own possible home. Therefore, decluttering your home can really help potential buyers picture the house through their own style and make a bigger impact. Decluttering can be a lengthy process so it’s best to start sooner than later.

Keep important documents safe and accessible

It’s important to locate your documents and keep them somewhere that is both safe and accesible for you. Your solicitor will require a lot of documents in order to prepare acceptable contracts for the sale of your property. Keeping these documents ready will help speed up this process.

Clean up your house exterior

First impressions count. Make sure your properties exterior is tidy and well-kept. This includes your garden, driveway, and any pathways in front of your home. Cut the grass, remove any clutter from windowsills, weed the drive, touch up with paint where necessary. This extra effort can make a significant impact

Pay Property Tax

Ensure property tax is paid up to date. When your solicitors are drafting contracts, they will require a property history report that shows Local Property Tax (LPT ) has been paid for the year.

Arrange to have a (BER ) Building Energy Rating carried out.

A Building Energy Rating (BER ) Certificate rates your homes overall energy efficiency. The most efficient properties have an ‘A’ rating while the least efficient have a ‘G’ rating. All homes that are being sold or rented require a BER cert before they can be listed.

Notify your solicitor to request your title deeds

In most cases your deeds are likely held by the bank. You will need to notify your solicitor to request your deeds on your behalf. They will need your written authorisation to do so. If you hold your deeds yourself, you should give them to your solicitor so that when the time comes sale contracts can be issued.


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