Moate Athlone Running Group continues to positively evolve

Formed in December 2014 by Athlone native Tommy Burke, Moate Athlone Running Group (MARG ) has positively evolved from its initial camber threading in unison days to provide a platform for numerous fitness enthusiasts.

Under the guidance of Athletics Ireland coach, Mick Murphy, the group (in a non-COVID-19 environment ) meets twice weekly in Burgess Park for speed, interval and tempo running sessions, during which the Donegal native garners the optimum from each individual with a detailed programme while working within a group setting.

Sunday mornings are also prevalent meeting occasions for MARG with long runs being undertaken by those who wish to attain certain fitness goals in the calendar year, for many it is the challenge that participation in the Dublin City Marathon brings.

That sense of fulfilment and achievement is shared amongst those running as part of team MARG with a notable camaraderie feel prevalent amongst all the runners as they share their running diaries on social media on a regular basis, giving due cause for the development and enhancement of friendships which would not have formed but for the decision to form this running group in 2014.

Speaking to the Athlone Advertiser this week, MARG founder, Tommy Burke, praised the spirit of those who have represented Moate Athlone Running Group on both national and international stages.

"The strong spirit amongst our running group continues to evolve and is a source of great pride as our numbers continue to grow. With the coaching guidance of Mick Murphy, runners within the group have attained personal best achievements and strive to advance.

"That sense of camaraderie and the formation of friendships is key to our running group and hopefully, will remain so in the years to come," Tommy commented.


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