Triton Novel SR offers a very invigorating shower experience

Featuring Triton’s Quiet Mark approved quiet pump technology, the Triton Novel SR (RRP €299 ) silent running power shower allows the user to enjoy a powerful shower in blissful peace and quiet with no noisy pump whirring inches from their ears.

This one-of-a-kind power shower is the perfect solution for those with low pressure systems. Featuring thermostatic temperature control which can deliver a flow rate of up to 14 litres per minute, the Novel SR provides a continuous running performance, ensuring there is no waiting around between showers for busy families. It also boasts an improved temperature over-ride button means safety is paramount, while those preferring a hotter shower are still catered for.

It comes in an attractive crisp white which will work in every bathroom and introduce a fresh new look designed specifically for the Irish market. Flow control and temperature dials feature a contemporary chrome design to add great styling to any bathroom.

To find out more about the Triton ‘Novel SR’ RRP from €299, and the entire range of affordable electric, digital and mixer showers available from Triton, visit


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