Top energy tips for women prior to the start of National Hormone Week

National Hormone Week takes place from Monday, March 23

National Hormone Week takes place from Monday, March 23

With National Hormone Week to commence in May, Cleanmarine For Women has announced a number of energy boosting tips to help beat that monthly slump, which can be caused by hormone imbalance.

Today’s busier lifestyles leave many women with low energy levels and prevent personal time being factored into the weekly schedule. It is of utmost importance to pause and relax, while nourishing with nutrient rich food. A healthy diet is paramount, but the reality of what most people are actually eating is below required levels.

A recent study hosted by The Food Standards Agency on National Diet and Nutrition found that consumption of ‘five a day’ fruit and vegetable portions was below the recommendation and the average consumption of oily fish was equivalent to less than half a portion (30-60g ) per week in adults, well below the recommended one portion (140g ) per week.

Top energy boosting tips

Sleep - sleep is so underrated! We should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night. If you were to change your bedtime to one hour earlier every night you would get an entire extra night’s sleep a week!

Eat fresh - a great diet full of fresh veg, fruit, omegas, wholegrains, this takes time to plan and prepare and many women simply don’t have the time

Bin the diets - no fad diets! They may give short term results, but consistent healthy eating habits over a longer time will have better and more sustainable results inside and out!

Get moving - exercise- anything that you love but do enough to get the pulse rate up and break a sweat! Leave the messy kitchen as it is- it will be there when you get back!

R&R - read a book or watch a tv program guilt free- everyone needs me-time, this is important recovery time our bodies need. If we don’t allow our bodies to recover, we cannot maintain energy levels in the long term.

Take support - ask for help, or better still train your children and partner to help! I make my boys do the laundry (putting on wash, hanging out clothes, fold and put away ) dishwasher/kitchen tidy/ tidy their rooms. I just couldn’t do it all myself... nor should I have to. If you live and eat in my house you help to keep that house ticking over!


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