Local Senator aspires to regain Dáil Éireann presence

First elected as a local authority public representative in 2009, Senator Gab McFadden is seeking to redress the disappointment of her General Election 2016 showing, as the Fine Gael candidate strives to regain a Dáil Éireann seat in the Longford/Westmeath constituency.

With polling day imminent, the Athlone based is aspiring for a strong first preference vote showing on the ballot papers and noted the positive feedback she has been receiving on the local doorsteps during her canvass campaign.

“The local public are willing to engage in pertinent conversation as I continue my canvass with the issue of Defence Forces pay and conditions being particularly prevalent,” Senator McFadden stated.

With Athlone a garrison town, the issue of pay and conditions has been one of vast importance for the Dáil Éireann aspirant and one to which sha has afforded her utmost support.

“Prior to the the conclusion of Dáil Éireann business, I had prepared a private members bill pertaining to Defence Forces pay and conditions which unfortunately did not make progress due to the General Election being announced.

“Hopefully, this bill will receive due attention upon resumption of Leinster House proceedings post General Election.

“No member of the Defence Forces should have to seek family support income and it is imperative that those serving our State are catered for from pay and conditions perspective,” the Senator continued.

Reliving the General Election count disappointment of 2016, Senator McFadden noted that while she had input into numerous developments in Athlone and the Midlands region - Garda Station refurbishment, the westside urban regeneration project, mooting of Center Parcs location, striving for university status for Athlone IT - but her failure not to self-publicise in this regard proved wholly detrimental to her ballot paper result.

Despite this disappointment, a return to national politics ensued when, with the support of her parliamentary party, she was elected to the Senate.

The former Westmeath County Council is both Athlone and Midlands region focused.

“To me, Athlone is the centre of the universe and my aim is to serve the people of the Midlands region to the best of my capabilities, hence my decision to put my name on the General Election ballot paper once again.

“As a destination growth centre, Athlone will bear fruition to numerous developments in coming times and such progress can only have a positive impact on the Midlands region as a whole,” Senator McFadden enthused.


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