Abbey Road Studios set to host weekend watercolour workshop

As part of the inclusive education programme for the current exhibition, 'LP at 20', now showing at the riverside Luan Gallery, former member of Limerick Printmakers, Mary Claire Keogh, will facilitate a Monoprint and watercolour workshop in the sister venue, Abbey Road Studios, on Saturday, January 25, from 10am to 1pm.

Marie Claire Keogh is a professional printmaker and visual artist with an extensive background in arts facilitation and education. Since graduating with an MA in Fine Art Printmaking Mary Claire has worked as an art teacher for youthreach and VTOS and has provided high quality art workshops for various community groups.

Monoprint is the process of creating unique prints using printing plates in combination with water or oil-based inks. It is a simple, spontaneous and fun introduction to the process of printmaking that allows for variation, individuality and experimentation amongst prints.

Speaking in advance of the workshop, arts facilitator, Mary Claire Keogh remarked, "process based workshops such as printmaking support participants in realising their own abilities and interests, while reminding them of their own unique talents, strengths and creativity in a relaxed, nurturing and inclusive environment. My creative art workshops provide an open space for self- expression, communication and an understanding of the world that surrounds us."

Participants of this workshop will gain an in depth understanding of Monoprint in a relaxed environment. Mary Claire`s monoprint with watercolours workshop is suited for anyone searching for a new creative skill, wishes to refresh their knowledge on the various Monoprint techniques or those in search for a creative outlet to meet new people with common interests.

This three hour workshop costs €35 per person, all, materials provided pre-booking and pre-payment required. Limited spaces available so book fast to avoid disappointment.

For more information or to save a space in our creative workshops call us at 09064 42154 or email us at [email protected].


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