Leather furniture a perennial design option in the modern home surrounds

Leather luxury always a welcome feature in the home

Leather luxury always a welcome feature in the home

Always in fashion, leather furniture has been a part homes for thousands of years. Even the Romans used leather sofas for luxurious lounging.

Today, there are even more reasons why leather is still a part of our interior schemes.

It is loved not just for its look and feel, but also for its practicality and the fact it can last a lifetime.

Like wool or velvet, leather has a natural warmth to it, which makes it great for mixing and matching with other furniture and fabrics.

Leading interior brand Neptune has put some thought into this and come up with tips on how a little leather can add some extra luxury to your home.

If a whole suite feels like too much, an armchair or generously sized footstool can bring just the right amount of cosiness to a living room.

Remember, leather which is softer and more comforting than a timber or metal finish, will help warm up rooms which can feel a little chilly.

When it comes to colour, Neptune favour shades that stick to the hide’s original hue, such as their St James leather, in a classic tan.

Tan shades tend to go with everything from neutrals and pale woods, to deeper colours and even glossier materials, like glass.

You can play tan leather up or down, to make it feel more polished or more relaxed.

Combined with metal or glass, it can take on a city-like feel, while with raw wood and unbleached linens, it will appear more laidback and organic.

Other shades of brown or grey leather have a similar feel and work equally well whether your style is city or country, traditional or modern.

These shades can be easier to live with day-to-day than something like black leather, which has a bit more of a contemporary edge, and sets a very different mood.

If you are not sure whether leather is for you, or perhaps you prefer smaller touches of it, consider adding a few cushions or small accessories to a room.

Neptune’s Hanson desk accessories, in rich tan leather, are a subtle way to use the material.

Leather bound books and vintage pieces can have a similar effect.

You could also think about bringing in leather footstools. Neptune’s Alex and Milo stools are particularly handy as they double up as small side tables and bring just a hint of leather’s charm to a living room or bedroom.

In terms of a room’s colour palette, tan leather contrasts well with brighter colours.

For a contemporary look, that nods to trends think teal or blakey blue, or for warmth try it with chestnut or paprika shades.

Just one leather armchair is enough to transform the feel of a room. It works as an extra layer of texture along with other natural materials like wool, stone and wood.

And one of the best things about leather is that it needs hardly any upkeep. All it takes is a restorative layer of petroleum jelly buffed in once-in-awhile - and your leather will look a treat.


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