The How To guide

Part 1: Every woman knows that make-up can transform a whole look from nice to absolutely stunning. Whether it’s big, dramatic eyes, glowing cheeks, or full, pouty lips, the smallest things can make a difference. Transform your face and feel like a superstar with our ‘how to’ make-up guide.

How to: Apply false eyelashes like a professional

False eyelashes are great if you want to achieve a dramatic, smouldering look for a night out.

First select the right lashes to complement your eye shape. You may have to cut them to fit the width of your natural lash line, or go for individual lashes that give your eyes a lift where they need it.

It is always advisable to choose human hair over synthetic fibres. Apply the glue to the base of the lash with tweezers, which are more precise than fingers. Start by applying the lashes from the outer corner, pressing down as you move towards the inner eye.



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