All-new Ford Focus ST is on the way

The all-new Focus ST has been developed under the leadership of Ford Performance. As a result, it delivers nimble hot-hatchback thrills in what is a stylish, comfortable, and practical family car. Priced from €39,595, the new Focus ST will arrive here in August.

This new ST builds on the class-leading driving dynamics of the fourth generation Focus in five-door and wagon body styles. Ford’s new C2 architecture is enhanced with unique suspension, braking, and powertrain configurations for what Ford promises is the most responsive and agile Focus ST driving experience ever – on road and track.

A new engine line-up promises up to 12 per cent more power and 17 per cent more torque compared with the previous generation Focus ST. Ford’s 280 PS 2.3-litre EcoBoost petrol, and 190 PS 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engines both deliver a broad spread of power and torque across the rev-range, for fast-revving sports performance.

Ford’s first application of an electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD ) for a front-wheel drive vehicle further enhances as standard the cornering and stability of the EcoBoost-powered variant – sharpening responses to changing grip levels and driver inputs using computer-controlled pre-emptive actuation.

A choice of six-speed manual or promised quick-shifting new seven-speed automatic transmissions is offered, and selectable drive modes technology is introduced to the Focus ST for the first time. This enables drivers to adjust the vehicle’s character to suit the driving scenario.

Continuously controlled damping (CCD ) is standard for five-door EcoBoost variants. It enhances the short long arm (SLA ) independent rear suspension configuration for claimed ultimate refinement.

“Intelligent technologies like eLSD and CCD make our all-new Focus ST the most ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ yet, able to switch from refined tourer to focused performance car at the push of a button,” said Leo Roeks, Ford Performance director, Europe.

“We’ve incorporated learnings from programmes including our Ford GT supercar and the acclaimed Focus RS to develop a mid-size performance car with a degree of flexibility that’s unique in its segment.”

The all-new Focus ST will be manufactured with best-ever craftsmanship and quality following a €600 million investment at Ford’s Saarlouis assembly facility, Germany.


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