Irish Chamber orchestra to perform ‘Testimony’ at Roscommon Arts Centre

The Irish Chamber Orchestra (ICO ) will perform 'Testimony' at Roscommon Arts Centre on Friday, June 28, at 8pm. 'Testimony' is an astounding self-portrait of composer, Dmitri Shostakovich. It is controversial, revealing a profoundly ambivalent Shostakovich, his unseen life at once triumphant but tragic.

This fascinating piece of music theatre see acclaimed actor Barry McGovern deliver extracts from 'Testimon'y while interspersed with music from the orchestra as they perform music by not only Shostakovich but other Russian greats including Glazunov, Prokfiev and Stravinsky.

Shostakovich's dramatic music matches Barry McGovern’s characteristically dynamic and expressive style. McGovern channels the life experience of a great composer, reliving the arc of his career in a performance enhanced by brilliantly atmospheric and emotive orchestral illuminations. His portrayal of Shostakovich is a subtle and convincing study of a complicated man aging.

The Irish Chamber Orchestra is Ireland’s most dynamic ensemble, its concerts are feted the world over for their energy and style. Barry McGovern is one of our most experienced and critically acclaimed actors, with a long career in theatre, film, television and radio. He is also a leading interpreter of Beckett’s work.

Join Barry McGovern, The Irish Chamber Orchestra co-directed by Katherine Hunka and Kristian Elliott on Cello for an evening of music you will never forget.

Tickets are on sale now from Roscommon Arts Centre’s box office on 09066 25824 and from


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