Hogan secures welcome funding for local public safety measures

Independent Councillor, Paul Hogan, has secured funding for an improved safe crossing between Assumption Road and Beechpark on the Old Coosan Point Road, describing the news as a “great day” for the residents of the locality as this was a longstanding issue.

“I am delighted to have secured funding for a safe and controlled crossing between Assumption Road and Beechpark on the Old Coosan Point road, following numerous representations from residents in both estates over this issue.

“I have secured over €15,000 in Council funding to provide this improved and illuminated safe crossing. This is a highly pedestrianised area with people crossing the Old Coosan Point Road to avail of pre-school, schools, parks, the Greenway and other amenities, neighbourhoods and facilities,” Cllr. Hogan remarked.

It is envisaged that this safe crossing will be provided during the month of August and prior to the childrens’ return to school.

“I was previously successful in securing funding for footpaths and roads repairs in the area and have also sought funding for the ongoing maintenance of Wansboro Park and additional traffic calming measures. This is a great day for people of the locality as it will significantly improve safety and I am delighted that funding is secured and that relevant works will commence over the summer months,” Cllr. Hogan emphasised.

Hogan calls for improved public lighting at Clonbrock Court

Meanwhile, the Independent Councillor, who hopes to retain his seat following local election polling day on May 24, has called for a new public lighting scheme between Athlone Community College and Clonbrock Court. The sitting Councillor described the area as a very popular walkway and access route to the schools, Greenway, the sports centre, Athlone Town Football Club, the local GAA clubs and a host of other recreational amenities.

“I have received a large number of representations from residents in the area and parents of students who are seeking public lighting on the laneway between Athlone Community College and Clonbrock Court.

“When the schools return after the summer recess, many children and young people will be expected to walk along this laneway in the dark. In addition, many locals use this walkway to access the many recreational amenities in the locality.

“In this regard, and in the interest of health and safety and the greater use of recreational amenities in winter months, it is very important that this key piece of public infrastructure be provided. I have previously discussed this issue with the Council and I have tabled a motion seeking the support of members on this issue,” Cllr. Hogan concluded.


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