Buccaneers launch topical ‘A Night at the Oskars’

With the upcoming oscars very much in the news, Buccaneers launched their topical upcoming event ’A Night at the Oskars’ in The Bounty at Dubarry Park.

The Athlone club currently fields over twenty teams which, over the duration of even longer seasons, costs a small fortune to support and are hosting their own version of the ‘OsKaRs’ at the local Radisson Blu on Saturday, March 30, to generate much needed funds.

At the launch, Club President Gordon Ballantyne thanked all who were participating in the ‘OsKaRs’, be it in acting or producing roles, or in sponsorship towards the event. He especially thanked Ronan Bushell who had taken on the voluntary role of overseeing ‘OskaRs’ on behalf of the club. He wished success to everyone involved.

Ronan Bushell, the driving force for the ‘Oskars’ with another former club president Gerry McInerney, outlined how the event runs. Seven mini movies will be filmed and premiered at the gala night on March 30. Rehearsals commence on February 12 ahead of filming which takes place in early to mid March. A great number of members, and indeed others not involved in the club, are rowing in behind the event. Many have no previous acting experience but are enjoying the challenges ahead. Sponsors have been confirmed for most of the films at this stage while a title sponsor is yet to be announced.

Three of the seven movies have Irish angles. ‘The Field’ features Jim Donnellan as ‘The Bull’ and Eoin Reid as ‘The Yank’. ‘The Snapper’ and ‘Fr. Ted’ have motley casts including Nigel Lyster, Gilbert Barrington, Martin Staunton and Deirdre Bushell, who turned up on the night in full ‘Mrs. Doyle’ regalia including china teapot and accoutrements! Who plays ‘bleedin’ Mr. Burgess’ in Roddy Doyle’s ‘The Snapper’ was not revealed!

Buccaneers womens’ team including Aileen Hayes and Susan Earner are tackling ‘Sister Act’ with Diarmuid Sloane somehow being blessed among nuns! Buccs senior squad will provide most of the cast of ‘The Blues Brothers’ where we are likely to witness Ruairi Byrne, Rory Grenham and teammates make moves not yet seen from them on the playing fields! ‘Forrest Gump’ will feature many involved in youth rugby.

The line up of movies is completed by ‘Fatal Attraction’, with cast from Athlone Little Theatre featuring in uncharted territory for that august group that includes Shay Ellis and Billy Nott. Incidentally, the theatre are donating the proceeds of the opening night of their next play ‘Living Quarters’ to the OsKaRs. Overall, there is a good spread from the various sectors in the club and beyond participating.

Various other events have and are taking place in conjunction with the ‘OsKaRs’ including a soccer competition, brunch in Wineport, a ‘Stetsons and Stillettos Night’, scrap iron collection and most interestingly a wake! ‘Prosecco by the pitch’ got the fundraising off to a splendid start. Meanwhile, the ‘Fireside Sessions’ featuring the music and song of the Henshaw Family, friends and guests will run on Thursday nights during February in The Bounty in the build up to Buccaneers Gala event A Night at the OsKaRs’.


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