Lough Ree the focal point for thriller novel

A new thriller written by Roscommon author, Roy Hunt, who utilises Athlone as the setting for his writing, was inspired by his experience in Atlantic Mills denim manufacturing plant back in 1997.

The novel sets out to explore the possible consequences of what can happen when, as scientist Dr Mae-Wan Ho, puts it, ‘bad science combines with big business’. Many of our rivers and lakes are struggling under the insidious nature of daily pollution and Hunt explores one possible scenario in combating this: the use of genetically engineered bacteria.

“Years back, I was in the crane hire business, but I always wanted to write. I was particularly inspired by the likes of the late Michael Crichton, who showed all the research he had undertaken in a bibliography at the back of his books. I knew I wanted to try something similar. When I was hired in to lift aerators – devices used in pollution control – in Atlantic Mills denim manufacturing plant near Tarmonbarry, (sadly, the plant has since closed ), and learnt that they used live bacteria to break up the chemical pollution in the water I was dumb struck. I couldn’t believe that bacteria could be used like that,” Roy commented.

The result was a new thriller, ‘Mutation’. Hunt set the book on the local lake, Lough Ree.

“I envisioned a scenario where science went too far and a ‘laboratory monster’, as scientists call aggressive genetically engineered bacteria, escaped into Lough Ree. I was as equally fascinated by the lake and its history and islands as I was about the wonders of bacteria. I did loads of research on the lake and its islands, myths and legends,” Roy added.

The book is available as an ebook on Amazon. It will shortly be out in print and coming to local book stores. Or it can be ordered direct from the printers, Createspace.com, quoting ISBN number 9781537170411. For more information on the print edition contact: [email protected]

About the author

Roy Hunt spent most of his life in the haulage and crane hire business.

“An accident in 1993 gave me the chance to pursue part time adult education, as a distant student. I got a BA and an M.Litt through DCU’s Oscail programme and NUIG,” the authoer noted.

He now writes full time and is using Athlone for the setting for his second and third books. His second novel ‘Fr Winter: a threatening genesis’ he describes as a weird love story, set against a backdrop of science versus religion. ‘Fr Winter’ is due out in 2019. He is presently writing the first draft of a third novel, also set in Athlone.

“There is great potential in Athlone for fictional characters. I fell in love with the place when my father and I worked on the new waterworks treatment plants back in 1984-5, with Clonmel Enterprises,” Roy stated.

About the book

“As I was getting closer to publication, I had to decide ‘what genre is this novel? The best way I can describe ‘Mutation’ is as a Gothic Irish thriller, partly inspired by Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’ and Benchley’s ‘Jaws’.”

There is also a supernatural edge to the book, drawing on the lakes many myths and legends. ‘Mutation’ is largely plot driven, and the characters are well developed. The book is receiving decent reviews. If you have an interest in Lough Ree, this new novel is worth a look. Download Amazon here for only .99c https://www.amazon.com/Mutation-existence.../dp/B01JV1M66E/


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