Sirana Spa bliss at the Sheraton Athlone

It's often said that Sunday is a 'day of rest'. It may not have been the weekend, but this scribe certainly enjoyed his 'day of rest (and rejuvenation )' on a weekday visit to the Sirana Spa at the Sheraton Hotel in Athlone.

Seeking relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind, Sirana Spa was the ideal choice with its array of Elemis based unique signature spa treatments aimed at providing escapism from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Upon arrival at Sirana Spa, which is cocooned deep within the Sheraton Hotel, I was met with a warm welcome from the reception staff who put me at my ease as I awaited my treatments.

With meditative music filling the air - setting my senses into relaxed mode immediately, I sipped a glass of natural flavoured water as comfortable footwear and a snug robe were provided.

A detailed tour of the spa ensued, before I was shown to the relaxation suite. Under dimmed lighting, this was particularly atmospheric as holistic aromas wafted through the air. Fresh fruit was dotted throughout the relaxation suite as I entered comfort mode on the adjustable seating.

Initially prepared both body and mind, I was called for my treatments.

I was suitably impressed by the Spa Manager, who explained in detail the treatments I was going to enjoy over the course of an hour.

Commencing with the SIRANA SERENE MASSAGE, the spa's signature massage, I soon found my eyes closing in utter relaxation as my mind drifted off from day to day life and entered a state of calm.

As detailed in the Sirana Spa brochure, the signature massage uses a synergy of all that is 'great with eastern and western massage techniques and is designed to sedate the body and mind' - the brochure most certainly provides an apt description as the Spa Manager ensured I was completely relaxed yet rejuvenated following the massage.

A first for me, the BIOTEC men's facial complemented the signature massage. Being of sensitive skin disposition facially, I was a tad concerned, but I need not have been, that's for sure!

Described by the Spa Manager as a 'super charger for men', the facial completely removes the stress and fatigue appearance from the facial appearance. Using a unique combination of both hands and ultrasonic technology, the facial was stimulating with an enhancing deep cleaning skin feel being a welcome and rejuvenating experience.

Similar to the SIRANA SERENE MASSAGE, my mind was in an alternative world as the soothing and relaxing experience proceeded with detailed care and attention.

Left to unwind following my treatments, I returned to the relaxation suite in relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated mode. Did I have to leave? Sampling some more nutritious and wholesome fruits, I returned somewhat reluctantly to the warmth of the changing room before my return to the real world - if only every weekday could have its Sirana Spa signature moments!


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