Spa bliss in Zen Beauty at the Athlone Springs Hotel

Being 33 weeks pregnant and when asked to do the pregnancy package in Zen beauty at the Athlone Springs Hotel, I naturally jumped at the chance - I couldn’t wait to experience a Purely Perfect Cleansing Facial followed my a mini pedicure and manicure.

Mama’s to be you will not be disappointed! On arrival, I was led to a relaxing reception area with beautiful aromas and comfortable seating and plenty to read while you wait. The wonderful Fiona Wall came to greet me after a few moments and I was taken into the treatment area. Fiona and I walked along a corridor with candles burning each side giving an ambient feel as we entered the spacious treatment room.

I was very relaxed at this stage as I lay on the bed listening to the soft music in the background waiting for my treatments to begin. Fiona then began my treatment session. Firstly, she discussed my skin type and complimented my skin condition. She then mixed two facial types to suit my skin, the Purely Perfect Cleansing treatment and the essential hydration facial. These facials are used to maintain the skin, helping to keep a clear and fresh complexion by cleansing, refreshing the skin, tightening pores, unclogging and removing impurities and softening the skin very important during pregnancy.

Fiona used Biphase eye and lip make up remover and essential cleansing cream to remove my make up and any dirt on my skin. She then moved on to the essential and lime blossom lotions (these smell divine ladies ). I was then treated to a peeling cream, purifying gel and an unclogging pores massage gel. All the aromas that filled the air were very relaxing and I could have fallen into a deep sleep at this stage.

Following on from the massage gel, a chromatic mask, lip and eye treatment, soothing serum and fundamental beautifying cream where applied to my skin. I have to say it was a beautiful facial and I could see the difference in the tone of my skin straight away.

The other thing I really love is after a week the benefits of this type of facial can still be seen. I wear makeup every day and it is going on very smoothly and I haven’t had any breakout or patching so I am very impressed. This facial is the perfect preparation for us mums to be, so even when we fee completely exhausted we know our skin looks fresh, young and vibrant!

Fiona was very attentive through all of my treatments and did my manicure and pedicure while i lay on the bed which at this stage of pregnancy is an absolute Godsend! I really enjoyed the mini pedicure as I love a good foot massage and Fiona definitely has the touch when it comes to applying the correct amount of pressure when massaging. She also is very skilled at painting toe and finger nails. I got shellac on my toes so when the time comes to have baby my feet will look perfect!

I chose a long lasting paint for my hands as I like to change up my colors and am happy to say it is still on with no cracks or blemishes. After my treatments where complete, I was taking to the fabulous restaurant for a warm scone and coffee, the perfect end to a perfect afternoon. Ladies ,whether expecting or not, I highly recommend a trip to Zen Beauty! It truly lives up to its name, you will be completely relaxed and rejuvenated after your visit.

To find out more on treatment packages call Fiona Wall on 09064 45852, find Zen Beauty on Facebook, Web: or email: [email protected]


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