McManus Seeks Coosan Point Road Safety Review

Speaking at the Athlone Municipal District meeting, Cllr. Ailish McManus, highlighted the urgent need for a safety review to be carried out on the Coosan Point road.

‘Cars are speeding at an astronomical rate from the graveyard towards Coosan Point. The vehicles are picking up speed as they travel and this is a major concern particular with many kids in the area. Remedial measures are necessary at this stage,’ Cllr. McManus noted.

Echoing those sentiments, Cllr. Paul Hogan added, ‘this issue needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. It is a ‘black spot’ area in my view and we need to introduce traffic calming measures as soon as possible.’

Addressing these concerns, the District Engineer, Mr. Pat Nally, informed the Chamber that a safety review for this particular stretch of road could be arranged and requested that any particular section of this thoroughfare which required immediate action should be relayed with the aim of commencing the relevant work.

However, he added that ‘any large scale remedial measures considered appropriate on the road would have to be considered in the context of the members’ priorities for funding as part of the 2019 roads programme.’


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