McFadden calls for new Government agency in Athlone

Athlone-based Senator, Gabrielle McFadden has again called on the government to locate a newly proposed government agency in Athlone.

Ms McFadden has been working on a plan for the regeneration of the west side of Athlone and believed that the siting of such an agency in Athlone would be ideal for the area.

“As part of Project 2040, the government’s long-term strategy for planned and co-ordinated future development, a national regeneration and development agency will be established. Their role will be to ensure that vacant or under-used land, in particular publicly-owned lands, in villages, towns and cities will be put into use to ensure more compact and sustainable growth.”

Senator McFadden commented that this national regeneration and development agency should not be based in Dublin but in a regional location, such as Athlone.

“Athlone acts as a gateway to the west and northwest of Ireland. It is in the heart of the country, straddling two provinces, two regional authorities and is the meeting point for rail, river, gas and road as well as having a thriving third level college and it has a social and cultural infrastructure unrivaled in the region.”

Ms McFadden has written and spoken to Minister Eoghan Murphy on this topic as she strongly believes Athlone to be the best site for this new government agency.

“I campaigned hard to have Athlone given special designation as part of Project 2040, while others stood idly by. Now that we have been given designation, I am asking the Minister to give it real life and meaning by making a decision in favour of Athlone,” explained Ms McFadden.

“This agency will have a key role in the future development of our country for a generation and I believe that it should be directed from the heart of Ireland.”


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