Tips for working from home

Remote working is becoming the new norm in a mobile-first world, according to Irish conferencing services company, 247meeting.

With an ever-increasing number of people working remotely, the conference call is becoming more popular than ever.

Of course, working remotely brings its own challenges and sometimes the boundaries between work and life can easily get blurred. Discipline is required and striking a balance is key.

Tips for remote working from 247meeting

Designate a work space: You can turn just about any space into your work zone, but try to find a space with quiet, privacy, and minimal distractions. Within this space, keep all of your resources organised. This is important because you will frequently make phone calls and participate in video conferences, and you do not want bosses or colleagues to see you working amidst a complete mess!

Set goals and meet deadlines: Your boss and co-workers do not see you dutifully working at your desk from nine-to-five, but consistently reporting your progress and completing goals will let everyone know that you are working hard alongside them.

Communication is key: Have a weekly meeting at an agreeable time with your boss. Even if your boss ends up not being available, call every time and use the time to show him/her that you are staying on top of your commitments. Be available when colleagues get in touch and always answer messages promptly.

Get comfortable with phone calls and video conferencing: As a remote worker, you will talk on the phone and appear in video conferences all the time! So, make sure you have the professional skills to communicate on the phone and appear professional in video conferences.

No social media during business hours: If your boss or co-workers see you posting a picture of a beach or a Snapchat of Dr Phill in the middle of the day, they will know you are not working. Even if you think none of your colleagues follows you, be smart about the way you use social media.

Be tech-savvy: Why? Because technology makes remote work possible. Utilise technology like management software, video conferencing, VoIP, instant messaging, and file sharing.

Irish conferencing services company, 247meeting has now launched a new mobile app, allowing worldwide users to hold confidential remote meetings on the go with less than two minutes set up.

The 247meeting mobile app is available in Apple and Android versions and can be downloaded free of charge from the iStore or Google Play.



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