Campbell calls for Yes vote on May 25

Social Democrat candidate for Roscommon- Galway, Ken Campbell has called for a ‘Yes’ vote on May 25.

On May 25 voters will be asked to decide in a referendum if the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution should be replaced with a new provision that allows the Oireachtas to legislate for abortion.

“As the Social Democrat candidate for the Roscommon-Galway constituency, I’m calling on everyone, young and old, to vote ‘Yes’ on May 25 and repeal the 8th Amendment, so every woman in Ireland can avail of equal health care and won’t be continually discriminated against,” Mr Campbell said.

“As a father of four girls, I want to see my daughters grow up in a society where their health or lives will not be at risk simply because the 8th Amendment does not entitle them to full medical care.

“We need to ensure that every woman/girl who finds themselves in a crisis pregnancy are offered the full support they need in this country. It’s unacceptable to most that women with crisis pregnancies have been exiled out of the country or, worse again, have been forced to take abortion pills without proper medical supervision or after care.

“Couples who’ve had to travel to Britain for an abortion after their babies were diagnosed with a fatal foetal abnormality have urged voters to repeal the Eighth Amendment so no one else will have to endure the trauma they did. We need to listen to these families; they are testament to the damage the 8th Amendment causes.”



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