Energy Health screening open day at The Radisson Blu Hotel Athlone with medical herbalist Patrick Murphy

After hugely successful open days in Galway and Mayo, Medical herbalist Patrick Murphy will be hosting his energy health screening open day at The Radisson Blu Hotel, Athlone on Sunday, May 13th from 8.00am-8pm using the Supertronic health screening device.

An energy health screening session with the Supertronic device which is used throughout Europe in many doctors' and herbalists' practices would usually cost €180 but at Patrick's open day, those in attendance can receive a one-on-one full health screening for only €50.

Patrick says; "The full energy health screening with the Supertronic involves a probe which tests the acupuncture and meridian points in the fingers of both hands. This test is non-invasive and the client feels absolutely nothing. The test takes on average 30 minutes and is available for everyone except children under the age of eight.

"The results may then reveal if there are any energy imbalances in the digestive system, cardiovascular system, the immune system, neurological system, etc. The screening may help to detect and treat illnesses such as allergies, organ weakness, food intolerances, and nutritional deficiencies. The test may also show energy imbalances the heart, lungs, digestive system, kidneys, and bowels. The results from the screening may pinpoint where the imbalances lie and are interpreted by various scores. If I find any imbalances, I will advise the client to visit their GP for further examination".

Due to the huge success of the previous open days in Galway and Mayo, appointments must be made in advance by calling 093-27033.

Patrick trained under the tutelage of Professor Joaquin Fernandez Alcaraz and is fully accredited in carrying out this popular energy health screening alternative medicine method.

"I first became interested in the Supertronic after being screened by Prof Alcaraz. A number of health issues that were highlighted by the tests proved to be 100 percent accurate. Due to the effectiveness of the testing, I decided I wanted to learn more and trained with the professor for over three years and subsequently became completely proficient."

If you would like more information about the Supertronic energy health screening device open day at The Radisson Blu Hotel, Athlone on Sunday, May 13th from 8.00am-8pmfrom 8.00am-8pm please phone 093 27033 or email [email protected].


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