Healthwest food intolerance test

At Healthwest Community Pharmacy, Ballindine, the pharmacy has been inundated with enquiries about its food intolerance test. To date, the vast majority of people going in to the pharmacy are doing so on foot of someone they know having the test done and being very pleased with the results. Staff at the pharmacy are delighted with this response as it means that the test is working.

Susan from Castlebar said: “It has changed my life, I lost weight and I have so much energy. I’m never going back to my old diet.”

The test involves taking a sample of blood from the tip of the finger, which pharmacists then test for antibodies against certain foods, and based on the results from this sample they can then develop a tailor made food elimination diet. You will aim to have a healthy balanced diet following the test, with appropriate fluid and fibre intake.

The test fee is €120 and this covers the blood test, initial consultation, the consultation to discuss your results, and the associated information and support materials.

So how do you know if the test is right for you? People who have had the test done have seen improvements in irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders, asthma, arthritis, migraine, eczema, psoriasis, candida, weight loss, and all inflammatory conditions.

To book your food intolerance test appointment call Healthwest Community Pharmacy, Ballindine on 094 936 4712.



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