Joe Fox - A$AP Rocky protegé plays Seven

Joe Fox.

Joe Fox.

JOE FOX is not a man who does things in the traditional manner. He is a musician who admits he used to believe, "music always seemed like a very elitist thing”, and once thought it was odd that a friend of his kept a guitar in his house.

Despite this, he is today a vocalist and songwriter with a growing reputation, but he keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground. “A lot of people I’ve met really love being noticed," he said. "A lot more people do their jobs for others’ recognition. I don’t. I’ve just always made music because I enjoy it.”

Turned onto music after discovering Prince, Bob Dylan, and Etta James, Joe began busking on the streets of Soho, in London, where he was discovered by Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky who invited him to write and record music that would be featured on Rocky’s No 1 studio album At.Long.Last.A$AP. As Billboard noted, “Fox anchors almost a third of the album.”

Since then Fox joined Rocky on a world tour; signed to Rocky’s production company, AWGE; signed his own record deal with Blue Flowers/Island Records, and received praise from Danger Mouse.

Joe Fox plays The Loft, Seven, Bridge Street, this Saturday at 9pm. Tickets are €10 from or



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