City solicitor to run for Renua in election

Galway city solicitor Nicola Daveron has been chosen to run for RENUA Ireland in Galway West/Mayo South in the forthcoming General Election.

Ms Daveron is a native of Galway who has lived in Renmore and Salthill. She attended NUI Galway where she studied economics, legal science, history and classical civilisation and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree and a HigherDiploma in Education. Ms Daveron has worked in teaching, construction and the fashion industry where she was an international model. Currently she is a solicitor in Galway in general practice with a special interest in the mortgage arrears cases.

Ms Daveron’s key concerns include the “not fit for purpose” state of Galway hospital, flooding, rural and urban crime and traffic congestion. The Galway solicitor intends to prioritize seeking a real resolution of the mortgage arrears crisis. She believes that mortgage arrears is Ireland’s hidden crisis.

‘I am running to highlight the accelerating crisis that is destroying the lives of so many people. Mortgage arrears are the silent destroyer of lives and potential. People are being left in limbo, debtors are experiencing bullying and intimidation to the extent that they are suffering from depression. It is the undoubted cause of several suicides,” she said.

“If elected I will work to turn the screw on vulture funds with tougher regulation and demand a better, more sympathetic, less brutal attitude by banks to mortgage arrears’’.

Ms Daveron, who is a first time candidate who does not come from a political party said that she decided to get involved in politics because she is very disillusioned with the political system in Ireland and the injustices she encounters every day in her personal and professional life.

“I was inspired by Lucinda Creighton as she is a politician of integrity and was not willing to compromise her principles to save her ministerial position in government,” she said.

Within her campaign she also intends to prioritize Galway’s growing housing crisis, education, childcare, crèche supplyand the securing of a better deal in taxation and banking for the self employed.



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