Spats Colombo - new band, new single, new album

Listen to new single 'Price Tag'

IN 1959 Spats Colombo was a gangstar in Some Like It Hot, played by George Raft. Today Spats Colombo is a Galway sextet whose sound runs the gamut from indie-rock to ska.

The band - led by Oxford born singer-songwriter Simon Noble, formerly of Mugger Dave - recently launched their debut single ‘Price Tag’ (not to be confused with the Jessie J song ) and this will be followed by their album, due in mid-August, and a second single.

Spats Colombo are Simon and his sister Harriet; Galwegians Rhona Ní Chearbhaill and Róisín O’Hara; and multi-instrumentalist Alan Kenny from Offally. Their sound emcompasses folk, pop, indie-rock, a touch of ska, and Simon and Garfunkel/Mamas and Papas-esque vocal harmonies. The band also cite The Kinks and Supergrass as inspirations.

‘Price Tag’ is available via iTunes. The band will be gigging during the end of August/beginning of September. Keep an eye out for them.



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