Get ready for Apocolopolis on Sunday

The city of Apocolopolis is a non-stop capital that spins, flashes, beeps, and thrives under the benign rule of King Du Washawanna and his wife Queen Free. Yet this happy existence will come under threat in a manner most unexpected.

The circus is coming to town. Surely this will only add to the joy and revelry of Apocolopolis? It will not. This circus is an army, led by the dour Colonel Chuckles. Behind him are the Clownmandos, a crazy troupe of clowns intent on wreaking havoc. They are all pounding drums, shooting flames, and water pistols.

What will happen to the happy city of Apocolopolis? The only way to find out is to go to Apocolopolis, the Macnas Festival Parade for 2008, which takes place this Sunday night. The parade has been designed by Matthew Guinnane, directed by Debbie Wright, with costume design by Roisin Lennon.

The parade route will start at Fr Griffin Road at 10pm, making its way over Wolfe Tone Bridge, pass Spanish Parade, up Merchants Road, through Eyre Square east, onto Williamsgate Street, Eglinton Street, turning right at the Town Hall Theatre, past Woodquay, and finally down the Dyke Road to the Black Box, finishing with a short fireworks display.

For the safety of the public, the organisers are asking motorists not to park anywhere on the parade route after 8pm on Sunday. Traffic disruption will be inevitable but will be kept to an absolute minimum by the gardaí.

It is recommended that traffic avoids the city centre between the hours of 9.30pm and midnight. The Dyke Road car park will be closed all day on Sunday and all vehicles must be clear of the car park by 10am. There will be disabled access areas on Eyre Square east and the upper level of the Dyke Road car park.

Once the fun of Apocolopolis is over, there will be an afters party at La Boum Deluxe in Nimmo’s Ard Bia. Music will be from Galway band Cuckoo Savante. Admission is free and doors are at 11pm.

Volunteers needed

Although there are only a few days to go, there is still time to get involved! Macnas is looking for stewards and float pushers. Those interested in volunteering must be over 18 and available from 7pm on Sunday. For more information contact Macnas on 091 - 568896 or email [email protected]



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